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A THM Membership is an a la carte program.
Carpentry, repairs and maintenance services available without a membership.


Be proactive, not reactive


Why Choose THM?

Total Home Manager uses in house carpenters and has a wide network of trade and craftspeople, all of whom are licensed, fully insured, pre-qualified and offer preferred scheduling. Whatever your maintenance and repair needs, THM can offer you a solution.

Who are the typical members?

Most of our customers fall into one of the following categories:

  • Busy professionals who do not have the time, skill, or inclination to maintain their home, or simply enjoy doing other things in their free time.

  • Independent seniors who want the freedom of staying in their own home but are at an age where they are ready to let someone else deal with the physical demands of maintaining their home.

  • Single parents or households where there is not enough time, skill or the inclination to maintain their home.

  • Realtors, home buyers and sellers use THM as a sales incentive tool to help differentiate their properties and promote sales. Offering everything from repairing or updating the house prior to a listing, to providing a detailed maintenance history for the property.

  • Second residence, vacationing or traveling homeowners who require maintenance and/or home management from a distance.

What is the advantage of preventive maintenance?

Studies have shown that preventive maintenance is many times more cost effective than reactive maintenance after something has failed.

Identifying and dealing with a problem when it is small and simple to correct provides tremendous advantages compared to alternatively dealing with a much larger expense once systems and components have completely failed. Housing experts recommend setting aside 1 to 2 percent of the market value of your home each year to pay for maintenance and repair costs. In an average home worth $500K, this equates to about $10,000 per year, based on 2%. While all of these funds may not be needed if your home is new, the accumulated amounts will help you pay for large future expenses, such as re-roofing or replacing a heating or air conditioning unit.

I own a new home. Why do I need a membership?

All the more reason to have your new home professionally maintained! Virtually eliminate unwanted repairs and surprises by having a THM personal home manager address any issues that might occur, and generally make certain your home continues to operate as efficiently as possible. It only makes sense to preserve your greatest asset: your home.

What is included with a Complimentary Home Evaluation?

Your evaluation consists of a one (1) hour walk-through with one of our personal home managers. During the walk-through the manager will conduct a visual inspection, make verbal recommendations and discuss your ideas and home maintenance needs. Equipped with all your pertinent information, we’re then ready to discuss plan options for property maintenance and management, or prepare estimates for any projects.

What’s the process to becoming a member?

Begin by contacting our office. One of our staff members will arrange a client consultation to determine your needs and present the THM options. Based upon that initial meeting, we will help you choose the plan that best suits your lifestyle. After you’ve chosen your plan, a full property inspection will be conducted, estimates will be prepared and a written report of findings will be presented for your review.

What do the membership inspections focus on?

When THM conducts a seasonal membership inspection, the focus is on preventative maintenance. Experts suggest your home and yard should be thoroughly inspected at least once every six months. In general, there are seven areas of the home that require routine inspection for home maintenance and repair:

  1. Foundations, basements and yards

  2. Exterior walls, windows and doors

  3. Roofing

  4. Interior surfaces

  5. Electrical systems and fixtures

  6. Heating and cooling systems

  7. Plumbing systems

Annual and semi-annual THM inspections include a review of these areas, and more.

Does someone need to be home for the scheduled visit?

Not necessarily. However, we recommend that you coordinate any sight visits with your personal home manager. Also, THM will give you ample notice of any upcoming work that is scheduled or for visits that need to be conducted.

How much does the service cost?

It varies by plan. Membership ranges vary depending on the level of service requested and optional services are available. We’re happy to discuss the many options with you.

Can I change my plan after I join?

Plans are generally fixed for one year, but since circumstances can change, we will work with you to make sure you are receiving the benefits you need.

How will I be billed?

The annual membership fee can be paid in full at your initial sign. On-going maintenance and projects are invoiced monthly and payment is due upon receipt.

What do some of our THM customers have to say?

"I could not be happier with Total Home Manager. It is a great concept, and they deliver on their promises. The inspections help avoid emergencies, and they are responsive and effective when a problem does arise."  – K.B., Skillman

"THM did a major restoration involving every room of my house. They did what we agreed to, when they said they would and for the cost they said it would be. The quality of their work is the finest I've seen. It doesn't get any better than that."  – C. F., Hopewell

"Impressive array of professional services and we enjoyed excellent work with super cleanup. Garage door maintenance/repairs quickly completed. Fast estimate and work by the electrician. Will definitely use Total Home Manager again."  – R.P., Titusville

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