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"Just wanted to let you know the trees are down.  The team was awesome!  They left not a single trace of activity.  They built a plywood boardwalk for their crane so as to not mark the lawn and used leaf blowers to clean up before they left.  Quick efficient and careful!"

– C.R., Pennington, NJ, 2020


"My bricks look fantastic!!  The power washing alone was transformative (for the fence too). And Jim's work makes such a difference. I no longer have to step down when exiting the porch and everything is smooth and clean. It's a pleasure to behold!"

– Andrea, May, 2019


"We appreciate THM's craftsmanship and fine work, and we look forward to working with you folks again."

– Jim and Judy, March, 2019


"Thanks Pam, you guys are the best. Still so thrilled that the other water leak where NOBODY could troubleshoot was fixed in a few hours by your qualified people. :)"

– M. Mahadevan, September, 2018


"I am very appreciative of the timely manner and the quality of the work and for the less expensive fix!  I will be happy to recommend you to neighbors!"

– Nancy P., PA, June, 2018


"​Very happy with outcome and service, and Joe. And the work for the J channels front porch area!  Thank you!!"

– Mark F., October, 2017


From a pleased client of Aging Advisors, Inc:

“We have been working with Total Home Manager and we have been very pleased so far. They have repaired several pieces of furniture which needed gluing and replaced a piece of veneer which had fallen off the face of my dresser. Several of the pieces were antiques and they took the care the work needed. They also cleaned and re-grouted the upstairs shower, set up the deer repellents, though that is still a work in progress. Their workmen are very pleasant and cooperative. Thank you for the recommendation.

And thank you from me also!!!"

– Mary Kay Krokowski BSN MA CMC

 Fellow of the ALCA Leadership Academy
Aging Life Care Association, a.k.a., The National
Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers


"​Randall did an excellent job at our house yesterday and completed the work with dispatch.  Many thanks.  We'll definitely keep working with THM."

– Stacy​, Pennington, NJ, 2016


"Roland and I LOVED the job you did. The steps coming down from the driveway look FANTASTIC!!  It ALL looks great. What a difference. BRAVO! We are also thrilled that it was done before our return!

Many thanks again."

– Roland and Pam Machold, September 2016


"It has been a two year process trying to get our historical house ready to sell. Working with Peter Parker, and now Randall and your mason Jim has been such a relief. I’d been working with contractors on my own, and it was exhausting. This way with Total Home Manager there is a sense of "being protected", for I no longer have to orchestrate everything, yet the contractors have been so excellent that we are all very at ease with each other. Having Peter check in, having his advice as what to do next, and who to bring in when, makes all the difference."

 – K. Cooper, Hopewell, February 2016


"I wanted to thank you for THM's answer to my dishwasher problem. Turned out to be my error, but the excellent man, Bill, taught me an important fact I hadn't realized, so it was worth the visit. Bravo to THM!  We hope to get on to other projects soon. So relieved to have THM in our lives!"

– P.M., Princeton, NJ, March 2016


"Yay!! It's fixed. Your guy found the issue was outside. Whew. Just a component blew I guess. Thanks! Sorry I’m having all these house issues but glad I have you to call. I'm telling all about your great service!"

– K.W., Princeton, NJ, July 2016


"Just to let you know we are very pleased with the work that Randall did and will not hesitate to call on Total Home Manager for future work.

Please thank Ray and let him know we felt Randall did a super job."

– A.W., Princeton, NJ, August 2016


"Impressive array of professional services and we enjoyed excellent work with super cleanup. Garage door maintenance/repairs quickly completed. Fast estimate and work by the electrician. Will definitely use Total Home Manager again."

– R.P., Titusville


"I am so pleased to have seen your advertisement in Princeton Topics.  Much needed and best service I have ever found – seriously!!! Will make sure to recommend to others!!! Thank you."

– T.S., Princeton, July 2015


"Total Home Manager was such an important discovery for my wife and me.  We spend a significant amount of time at a second home and were so concerned about leaving our primary residence unattended.  Total Home Manager provides a complete range of services in the care and maintenance of our property such that leaving it has become worry free.  They provide caring, attentive and personalized service which at times needed to go beyond the scope of our regular agreement - they are terrific and I can highly recommend them to anyone with similar needs. Total Home Manager and the folks who staff it are simply one of the best finds we have made in the care of our home and in giving us peace of mind when we are on the go."

– CL, Princeton, NJ


"The front door work was great. It’s perfectly balanced and closes like a charm. As far as I can tell, we no longer have water issues at all. So, I’m quite happy with the work your team did."

– R. Stamets, Skillman, 2014


"THM did a major restoration involving every room of my house. They did what we agreed to, when they said they would and for the cost they said it would be. The quality of their work is the finest I've seen. It doesn't get any better than that."

– C. Fossell, Hopewell, NJ


"The painting job didn't go well. It went SPECTACULARLY!!! The ceiling looks wonderful, and the painters were delightful. Talk about magic! I went out to do some errands and came back to find the hole in my roof repaired - and just in the nick of time with a big storm heading our way. You guys (and Pam) really know how to deliver. Many thanks."

– S.D., Handyman Services, 2014


"Total Home Manager has taken the pain and aggravation out of home ownership for me. I began using the firm when I was renting my house, as a convenience to both me and to the renter. Now that I am occupying the house, I have continued the service. For busy people who do not have the time to manage the many issues that arise in maintaining a home in good condition, this service is a godsend."

– S.T., Princeton, Member since 2011


"They took care of us during the storm."

 – E.I., Hopewell, Member since 2011


"Knowing Ray in the community and Jim for so long and their reputations and their process...I felt comfortable that we were going to get the best.

If there's something that needs to be done, and let's say there's three ways to do it – the cheap way, the average person way or there's the right way, you might call it (using THM) – then I'll do it the right way."

– E.W., Princeton, Member since 2010


"I could not be happier with Total Home Manager. It is a great concept, and they deliver on their promises. The inspections help avoid emergencies, and they are responsive and effective when a problem does arise."

– K.B., Skillman


"I really appreciate all that THM does for me...It’s certainly a great motivator to have someone reminding me that work needs to be done around here! And having (a Personal Home Manager) to organize it all has certainly made my life a lot easier!"

– Carrie P, Princeton


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